“Therefore be ye also ready………” (Matthew 24:44).

Beloved, it’s no longer a secret that this generation will herald the second coming of Jesus Christ. All evidence points to the fact that any moment from now, the trumpet shall sound and the rapture shall occur. The examiner is informing his students to start “doting the I and crossing the T” because shortly, the time will be up!

Amazingly, yielding to this instruction can make a difference between succeeding and failing the examination

-Are you struggling to truly forgive your wife/husband, friends, colleagues and neighbours of errors of the past? Please, don’t wait to reconcile because that may be the only premise for disqualification and the time remaining is very shortly, it will be too late.

-Are you struggling to stop living a rough, despicable and questionable life? Seek help from the great Deliverer (Jesus Christ) – Matthew 11:28

The matter of making heaven is a matter of life and death; its alternative is excruciatingly terrible and should not be imagined. This is the season to revisit the component in your portfolio – dump the under-performing ones because they represent weights; work on enhancing the value of the performing ones because they bring good returns. Let me advice that “activity” should not be substituted for genuine salvation experience.

Get it right. Ask God to carry out a final general checking on your life and give you a humble heart to accept His verdict for urgent remedy where required. CROSS YOUR T, DOT YOUR I as you await His sudden appearance. MARANATHA!24-Hours prayer and counselling lines: 61 2 9675 4444; 61 402573332;